Precious Clark

Planning for succession

Precious Clark (Ngāti Whātua,Te Uri o Hau, Waikato, Ngāti Pāoa, Ngāti Hē and Pākehā) is the Chief Executive of Maurea Consulting, a Māori-owned organisation with a vision to see Māori culture drive Aotearoa New Zealand forward. Precious leads her team at Maurea to deliver on this vision through its three arms: Training, Consulting and Design.

A creative at heart, Precious designed the highly acclaimed Te Kaa-Igniting your Māori Cultural Competency training programme and drives Te Kaa’s mission to help 10,000 people positively identify with Māori culture. Precious weaves her skills as a facilitator, cultural practitioner, businesswoman, professional director, lawyer, leader and teacher to deliver an engaging and enriching programme that impacts how New Zealand leverages our unique cultural landscape.

Precious is a Director of Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei Trust; Chair of Te Taumata-a-Iwi (Māori Advisory Board to Auckland Museum), Chair of TeTira Kautū (Māori Advisory Board to Southern Cross Health Society); and is on the. She is a member of the NZ Institute of Directors and Te Hunga Roia Māori o Aotearoa (Māori Lawyers Association).

She is a former Director on Whai Rawa Ltd (Property and investment), Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board, Centre for Social Impact, Trustee of Foundation North, a former member of the Independent Māori Statutory Board and the ASB Community Council. Being entrenched in her Māori culture, she draws confidence to teach her culture, and also to challenge perceptions within, and of, her culture.